An Online Course To Help You Brand Your Church

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Why is a great church brand so hard? It shouldn’t be. With step-by-step video tutorials and customizable downloads, every church—regardless of size or resources—can now have a great brand.

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Discover Your Brand

Discover how you can best reach those in your community and invite them to be part of the vision.

Design Your Brand

Create a clear and compelling brand story that will spread like wildfire.

Deploy Your Brand

Design an attractive logo and brand elements that cause people to stick and become contributors to your church.

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$29 One-Time Cost

This course contains materials that Michael uses to help dozens of clients that range from established churches to brand new church plants. This material is guaranteed to provide you with applicable insights that will cause you to clarify the perception of your church.

You will have the right questions to ask your church leaders to help you better reach your community. This will result in a branding document that defines your fonts, colors, graphic styles, photo and video standards. You will have what you need to create a great logo design to represent your vision to the community.

This will be well worth the small investment so you can create clarity for marketing effectively in your community.

Get the Branding Course