Get a Beautiful Brand and Website Designed to Grow Your Church

We will build for you a custom visual identity to get you more first-time visitors, create new members, and donors so you can do the most good.

Break 200, 500, and 1000 in Weekly Attendance

You don’t have to design your brand alone. Our team knows what you need to establish a new brand to grow your congregation. We’ve put it into a bundle to make it affordable for you. This way, you can do what you are called to do — lead your church and see lives transformed.


Define The Strategy

We start on a Zoom call with your team to create a brand strategy together. On the call, we unpack your mission and how you do ministry. Then, we put together a plan for getting new visitors.


Get The Designs

After determining the right punch list of design projects, our team will create the designs for you.

  • Logo/Brand
  • Website
  • Design Kits

Close The Gap

You will see more first-time guests taking their next steps to join the church creating positive momentum. The goal is to get people to participate in the mission of the church, not to just show up.

Special offers

The 500 Ceiling Buster Package

Complete Rebrand Intensive

Our Complete Process

1. Create your brand playbook

2. Design a beautiful vector logo & visual identity

3. Develop an optimized website to serve as the front door

4. Design the signs and all branded collateral graphics

5. Define the sticky language so people take their next steps

6. Create replicable systems for event promotions

7. Execute your marketing playbook with a brand coach

Get the Branding Checklist for Free

Unlock the power of effective branding with our meticulously crafted PDF Ebook.

In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, standing out is crucial. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to show you how a well-designed visual identity can be the key to cutting through the clutter and reaching your audience.

Inside, you’ll discover the secrets to creating the perfect website, a memorable logo, stunning photography, and eye-catching graphics that will not only capture attention but also inspire people to take their next steps.

Whether you’re a pastor, marketer, or simply someone eager to make an impact, this E-book is your roadmap to success through the art of branding.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your brand and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

Branding for A Community Outreach Event

River Lights of Wonder is a community event designed to serve families in the city with a free Christmas light show. We branded the event with a strategy, and then designed the logo, branding, website, and promotional materials.

Close the gap between your church and those you pursue.

As a pastor, your primary goal is to share the Gospel and see people transformed. You know that reaching more people requires expertise in digital marketing, but the reality is that you don’t have the necessary skills, and the overwhelming demands of being a minister often leave you feeling stretched thin.

Time is a scarce resource, and it’s difficult for you to find enough of it to devote to learning and implementing marketing strategies. If you could get the church brand right you would:

See lives transformed so more people live a better story

Grow the church so more families experience the Gospel

See the church to become a pillar in the community

Have a financially free church to be generous toward causes

Hire a great staff to do ministry at a high level

Have more time with your family with less stress

Be an influential leader to help your church network

Trusted by great church networks
Church Marketing University Ryan Wakefield - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
Leaders Church Hardy Group - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
LINC Churches - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design

It’s not often that you create a new branding for a network that represents 80 separate organizations and you receive 100% thumbs up. Michael made it happen!

Jonny Vereeken

LINC Community

How We We Are Different

When looking for brand design services, you typically have one of two options:

#1 Freelancer

Freelancers or “one-man shops” are often overworked, overwhelmed and hard to get a hold of since they’re wearing every hat.

#2 Big Agency

And with an agency, you’ll spend $30,000 for your new brand and you’ll feel like a number.

We’re right in the middle!

Pastors struggle to get well-designed branding at a price that is affordable, so we took a different approach.

You will go through our signature framework to shape your innovative brand strategy. We then design your new logo and define your colors, fonts, language, and user journey.

In the next stage, you’ll get beautifully designed kits done in Canva and a WordPress website so you can edit them for future promotions. We will be your guide to help you communicate in 11 key areas of church growth.

Plus, you’ll receive coaching from Michael and others on Zoom to build your brand over the next year.

We Do It With You

If you want to see more people joining the church, you have to cut through the noise to help them see you as a guide to help them live a better story. Let us create your brand script so you can have the right message to reach your community.

People judge you by what they see online, so you must have a beautiful brand that connects with them and provides them with simple next steps. We will design all the digital and printed graphics for you so you can fully edit them as needed.

The fastest, most simple way to grow your church is to get a guide to build a clear brand to connect with your community. Save yourself time, money, and stress, and let us set you up for long-term success in reaching your community.

…and that’s where the church branding packages come in.

We design your brand playbook, website, logo, and design kits so people will quickly understand how you help them.

You will have a coach to help you stay on track and keep you accountable with regular calls.

The best part is that you’ll have the freedom to focus on leading your church well and fulfill your mission at a higher level!

Pastor Brandon Sereg

Vibrant Church

Working With Us is Easy…

Step 1

Choose a tier package that is right for you (see tiers here).

Step 2

Go through our signature strategy session to define your brand.

Step 3

Get your website, logo, and/or graphics.

Our Packages

Your church's website is essential for seeing your church grow. We are unique because our team can take you beyond the website to create a cohesive brand across all media. 

Get a Simple Yet Powerful Church Website

A good website is critical for your church to grow. It is the front door that people go to first to decide if they will visit on Sunday.

You’ll get a high-quality WordPress-based website designed for you. The Church Brand Guide team will create your new site with photos and marketing-savvy messaging that you can adjust using our page builder. The site will be set up for SEO in your city, and you’ll have complete control to update as needed.

WordPress is the most powerful website tool on the planet, and we have made it simple with a drag-and-drop builder. Whatever you dream up is possible.

Riverside Church

Mission 212 Foundation

Trinity Learning Center

Moore Homes Real Estate


01 Strategy

First, we do a 90-minute strategy call with your team to learn about your ministry using our signature framework to produce the right messaging.


02 Design

Then our team designs your new website, including writing the copy. It’s all done for you. We build it right!


03 Maintenance

Finally, we provide ongoing maintenance that will give you peace of mind. You’ll even be part of our exclusive Comm Academy, where we train up church markers.

Branded And Relevant Design

Quality church website design is essential in making the right first impression. If we can capture the attention of first-time visitors for 7 seconds, we have a much higher likelihood of them staying on the site and visiting your church this weekend. Our team believes your church website should be as unique as your church.

Drag & Drop Builder

We believe you should have full authority over your site so after we build it we turn the keys over to you. On your church website, making changes, adding sermons, creating events, receiving online giving, and so much more will be easy. Or you leave the task to any member of your church so you can focus on more important church tasks!

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, you need a website that looks great on desktop and mobile. Otherwise, you’ll be losing up to 60% of your audience because most people are on mobile. All our designs are mobile-responsive, so your members can view your website in any computer, tablet, or phone.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online with search engine-optimized page designs. We go through the site to add metadata and keywords so you are more likely to get found online. The website is designed with the purpose to get a first time guest to your church.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

It doesn’t matter which pricing plan you choose— we’re here to hold your hand every step of the way. Just send us a message when you encounter any roadblocks, and we’ll quickly respond and help you fix whatever website-related problem you’re facing.

Safe And Secure Website

Even church websites are not immune to hackers. When you build your website with us, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that your site remains protected from hackers and cyber threats 24/7. 


Provide on demand access to sermons online.

Giving Online

Provide all the giving options in one location.


Provide information and sign-ups in one simple location.

Kids Ministry

Showcase your kids and teen ministries to families.

Small Groups

Present the groups and provide a way to sign up.

Next Steps

Consolodate every connection point in one location.

Always Make A Great Impression with Your Brand

Take a look at some of the fantastic church logos we have had the privilege to create.

From decades of building strong brands, we’ve learned to craft experiences that build bridges between unique organizations and the unique people they serve. We help churches and ministries launch cohesive brands—bringing every level of their experience into alignment.

First impressions are made in just a few minutes. Sadly, most churches fail the first impression test.

Your brand will be built with new visitors in mind. And presents a clear path for guests to plan their visit with an effective follow-up plan so no one ever feels overlooked or forgotten.

See What You Get in Our Graphic Design Kits

We will get your brand done right the first time to save you time and money.

Brand Kit

  • Custom logo design
  • Brand book
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Invite cards
  • Screens

Website Kit

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • SEO set up
  • Integrations: giving and sign up forms
  • Events
  • Sermons

Sign Kit

  • Directional A-frames 24in by 36in
  • Flag banners
  • Wall 10×8 banner with logo

Social Media Kit

  • Posts: scripture, groups, serve, welcome event, service times
  • FB cover
  • Youtube Cover

Kids Ministry Kit

  • 10×8 wall banner
  • Poster for age groups 24in by 36in
  • Postcard generic

Welcome Kit

  • Connect cards
  • Offering envelope
  • Prayer & praise cards

Merch Kit

  • T-shirt
  • Mug/bottle
  • Lanyard

Member Class Kit

  • Graphic screen
  • Posters 24in by 36in
  • Invite cards

Groups Kit

  • Screen
  • Invite card
  • Posters 24in by 36in

Baptims Kit

  • Screen
  • Invite card
  • Posters 24in by 36in

Serve Team Kit

  • Screen
  • Invite card
  • Posters 24in by 36in

How We Make Branding Easy

You don’t have time to learn how to create graphics and don’t even know all the designs you should have for a good digital and physical brand.

We will go through all the key areas of church growth and design the custom templates you need to grow your church.

You’ll get our well-designed kits for the 11 vital areas of church promotions to get people to take their next steps.

See Some Success Stories


Church Brand Guide goes above-and-beyond in serving church branding needs. Michael and his team are not only talented-beyond-measure, they are astute students of their clients. Believe me, you will be amazed at the resources and the ability of their team to flex and fit you and your needs.

Dick Hardy



Here are some questions people ask us.

Is my church too small for this?

We have solutions for churches of all sizes with budgets of all sizes.

Our founder, Michael Persaud, helped plant a church from scratch using this website system. In his time at the church, they grew to 350 in weekly attendance, and most of the new members came after seeing the site. He saw the impact a great website made on that church and wants to make sure others get to see those same results.

Our commitment as a company is never to let money be a reason why a church can’t have a great website.

My church is big, can you help us?

Yes. We can.

We have helped churches with multiple campuses and over 2,000 weekly attendees. We feel like our expertise positions us to help some of the largest churches build a presence that meets their unique needs.

Do you work with organizations and ministries or just churches?

We work with all kinds of ministries. Churches are a great starting point for our own marketing efforts, but we love to help organizations tell their story and get more fuel for their mission.

We also work with businesses to build out their brand and website. 

How much does it cost?

That depends.

We have packages available for smaller churches who don’t need something more custom. For larger churches, we strongly recommend a custom approach.

When we do custom work, we can’t offer a one-price-fits-all-all approach. We have created a painless process to get your church an estimate of the costs involved. Book a demo with us so we can learn of your specific needs. 

Can you host our site?

When we complete the production phase, you can host the site anywhere you would like. Almost all of our clients choose to host with us through our maintenance package. We provide backups, software updates, and security updates monthly to keep your site humming. It’s all month to month payments.  

How long does it take to get the new brand launched?

Not too long.

Our tailored websites for smaller churches are usually live in about two weeks.

Our custom brand packages take about six weeks on average from the time we get started until the site goes live.

Larger projects can take longer.

More than anything, the time it takes to complete the project depends on the church and the speed at which we get feedback and photography.

Get your innovative brand that creates positive momentum for your church.

Get the Church Branding Checklist

If you are considering rebranding your church with a website and/or logo, this checklist is the perfect starting point.

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