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Does your church struggle to attract people?

  • Do you have a back door problem where people leave your church?
  • Are you always busy but lack results when it comes to growth in numbers?
  • Are you always rushing toward the next big event?
  • Does the reputation of your church in the community live up to your vision?
  • Did your last marketing effort flop?
  • Does your website need a revamp?

Free Course: 5 Step Church Marketing Makeover

This 5 video series shows you how you can makeover your marketing to increase the number of guests and avoid losing them through the back door.

Video 1: Marketing Strategy

Learn a great framework for marketing your church to your community

Video 2: Website Platform

Discover how you can create a website that serves your church 24/7 to invite new guests

Video 3: Logo & Branding

Discover the process for creating a brand that represents your vision

Video 4: Event Marketing

This strategy will help you plan and promote your events so they result in church growth

Video 5: Marketing Roadmap

You’ll get downloadable documents to help you execute great marketing to reach more people

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Church Marketing Makeover

How We Help Grow Your Church

Most churches struggle to create a perception in their community that is in alignment with their vision. Church Brand Guide provides a clear communication strategy so you can cut through the noise and reach your city.


We provide free resources to serve as your guide to develop attractive marketing systems.

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The membership will guide you to create your church's brand so you can tell your story in your community.

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The Church Brand Guide team will create your church brand in 30 Days based on your strategy.

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Podcast: Church Brand Guide

In this podcast we discuss practical strategies that are working to help churches reach more people. Michael interview guests who provide great insights on areas of their expertise in serving churches.

Church Brand Guide has goes above-and-beyond in serving church branding needs. Michael and his team are not only talented-beyond-measure, they are astute students of their clients. Believe me, you will be amazed at the resources and the ability of their team to flex and fit you and your needs.


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