Clarify Your Vision

Church Brand Guide is a resource to church leaders to provide clarity about their vision which builds confidence in its execution.

A Strategy for You

We produce the creative elements like a logo, website, video, brochures and signs that will establish your brand consistently over time. These elements are produced out of a strategy session where we discover who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.







Reach Your Community

We help churches create a clear and consistent presentation of the vision that appeals to the community they are serving. This causes people to be attracted to the church and the unique vision it has.

Get Results

The branding process provides direction for all marketing efforts to maximize its effectiveness and get greater results. It also provides clarity to the organization so ministry can be done in alignment with the vision which maximizes church resources.

Church Brand Guide has a process that provides clarity around your vision and creating systems to support it.

Michael Persaud

Owner of Church Brand Guide

Michael Persaud has been creating media professionally since 2004 with organizations around the country. In 2011 he started a creative agency that produced branding elements like strategy, websites, logos, graphics and video. In early 2016 he put together the Church Brand Guide podcast and blog to serve churches with information and resources to help them build a clear brand.

Persaud Creative is the parent company of Church Brand Guide:

If Jesus died and rose again, then He deserves people that make a difference in this world

To see people live out the purpose God has for them
We create strategy that supports a significant vision so it can scale

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