Church Brand Guide helps churches tell their story.

We help churches of all sizes create and communicate their vision to be known and loved by the community they serve. With over 300 churches served, we have become one of the leading experts on branding for local churches.

When it comes to telling your story, you want someone knowledgeable about how best practices work today. You want an expert with experience on what works and what doesn’t so that you can spend your time doing the things only you can do – ministering to people both inside and outside of your church walls.

That’s where the team at Church Brand Guide comes into play.

“We needed a fresh look to take us into the future. Michael was able to give us the brand to make us relevant for a new generation.”
– Pastor Blake, Christwalk Church

We Are Your Guide

Church Brand Guide is a creative design company that provides branding resources and services for churches.

Church Brand Guide produces creative elements like logos, websites, videos, brochures, and signs that will establish your brand consistently over time.

These elements are produced out of a strategy session where we discover who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

“We had 2 congregations that needed to become one brand. Michael’s process created alignment that unified us behind the fresh branding.”
– Pastor Tommy, United Church

Church Brand Guide Podcast

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Reach Your Community

People judge a book by its cover and decide if they will come to your church based on what they see. You have to get your brand right, so you can bridge the gap between who you are and those you pursue.

Here’s the problem, you are a minister, not a brand specialist. You need a guide to help you get this right because it matters too much to have it wrong.

Church Brand Guide helps churches create and communicate their vision in order to be known and loved by the community they serve. We’ve helped over 300 churches of all sizes all across America tell their story in a clear and consistent way through branding content.

“Our new brand has helped us reach out to our community to let them know where are here for them.”
– Pastor John, Legacy Church

Get Results

Churches that clarify their message and build a healthy brand are the ones that thrive in their community.

Branding is about how people perceive you.
You cannot tell people what your brand is; they tell you what your brand is. All we can do is be intentional to present ourselves in a way that aligns with our mission.

What people understand quickly is what they will buy into.
You’ll be able to copy and paste the language the most influential and growing churches are using today.

Don’t be like most churches which are confusing to an “outsider.” Instead, build your brand toward those who need you the most.


I would like to get to know you and see if I can help you create your church’s brand.

Founder of Church Brand Guide

Michael Persaud is an expert at building your church’s reputation. He focuses on making it clear to both members and visitors what your church stands for, so you can build a brand that will resonate with the community. Michael’s signature Church Brand Guide framework will help you design the appropriate visual identity for your congregation, so there is no confusion about who you are or what your message is.

Michael is a creative, hands-on designer who has helped churches across the country reach more people. Michael knows that in today’s world, people don’t understand why they need your church. He uses his creativity and knowledge of branding to bridge the gap between you and those you pursue.

For nearly 20 years, he has been creating brands for organizations nationwide; during that time, he designed promotions for some of the most well-known entertainment tours. Now he brings his expertise to local churches by developing logos and websites while also serving as a volunteer at a church plant.

Persaud Creative is the parent company of Church Brand Guide.

Church Branding Checklist

The world is a noisy place and that’s why you need a brand that strategically cuts through the static to reach your target audience.

If you are thinking about a new logo or website for your church, this checklist is the perfect starting point, and it’s free!

When your brand’s visual design doesn’t reflect the value of your church, your perception gets tarnished. A church with a strategic brand gets more people to come and ultimately chooses to contribute to the clear vision that is presented.

Get this free step-by-step resource to help you build an amazing church brand that gets you noticed in a noisy world.