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We have 5 tiers that are designed to help clarify your vision whatever your budget may be. Contact us for a free consultation call so we can help you discover what you need to establish a new brand.

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If you have some questions about our branding process or if we an work with your budget, please feel free to schedule a call with us.

How Our Tier System Serves You

We believe branding starts with strategy so we have 5 tools to help you clarify your vision in a way that is attractive to your community. You’ll love the insights you will have after our 2 hour strategy session with Michael Persaud on a video call. We believe that confusion is the enemy of your vision and we will serve you by providing the right tools to help people discover your vision. Then we’ll create the marketing to help you get noticed in your community.


Tier 5 is where we come to you and have on-site strategy workshops with your team to help you discover your brand. While on site our team will take photography, shoot video of church culture, and shoot overview video. It then include everything in tiers 1-4.

Tier 4 allows us to create your brand strategy, logo, brand guide, website and other creative materials to help you attract people to your church and cause them to stick. We have researched what the fastest growing churches are doing and have put together the right combination of marketing materials in this package.

Tier 3 is our most popular package that allows us to get your branding set up with your logo, brand guide and website. You’ll have a clear marketing strategy moving forward so you’ll able to attracting more people to your church.

Tier 2 is for you to get a new website that performs like an employee of the church to invite guests to come to a weekend service. We have a great plan for your church website to help it serve you as the front door.

Tier 1 is designed to get you going with a new logo and branding guide. We will talke you through our brand strategy process to set you up for long term success with your marketing. We believe in helping you holistically because we know a brand is much more than a good logo.

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