Great design comes from asking great questions.

The problem most churches have when it come to a logo design is they are generic and empty without a great story that reinforces the vision of the church.

  • What if your church’s logo could be something that people rally toward like a logo of a sports team?
  • What if your logo were recognizable in your community and marketable on all kinds of media?
  • What if people loved to wear it because it says something about who they are?

Church Logo Designs Created Using The Questionnaire

If you ask the right questions on the front end of the design process, you’ll be able to design a mark that represents the vision.

The church will have the right logo that will take it forward toward the vision.

I have been designing logos for churches since 2004 and I have developed a process that helps me produce designs that are just right.

It starts by asking some compelling questions so I can learn about the direction that the church is going. From there I can make the appropriate design choices that represent the brand well to the community.

As a church leader, you want something that truly moves the brand forward. You don’t want an empty design that is meaningless and will go out of style in a few years. It costs a great deal of money and effort to change a brand and you want to get it right to take you well into the future.

This questionnaire has 18 questions that I have been using for years to create some amazing designs for many churches. From churches that are brand new to those who have been in existence for decades, the questions will unpack the heart of the brand so a design can be created that represents well.

Make sure you do all you can to get a great design so you won’t have to redo it in a short amount of time. You need something that you feel good about because it will be everywhere in your community.

When you get this right, you’ll be set up to grow your church as people will get a sense of alignment that builds their trust. The visuals will match up with the experience they have and is what great brands are built from.