Church Growth 500 Ceiling Buster

The marketing you need to grow your church past 500 in weekly attendance.

Get a brand new website that is designed to get first-time guests. You’ll also get professionally designed graphics to clearly promote your church’s critical next steps.

You deserve to have a terrific brand that represents your vision to the community so you can see new guests coming every week.

Over 300 churches have worked with us to get their brand strategy in executed. We want to free you up to do ministry so you see more lives transformed by the Gospel and more people contributing to the vision so you can do the most good.

Step 1

Get on a call with us so we can answer your questions and show you the signature process we will take you through.

Step 2

You will get the winning marketing strategy that has helped hundreds of churches grow and schedule a video call to coach you through it.

Step 3

Get your brand new branded website and promotional design kits for the critical areas of church growth.

Sign up to get the 500 Ceiling Buster Package, and we’ll reach out to you to ensure your stress-free success.


You’ll get our proven marketing system to convert strangers into first-time guests, guests into attenders, attendees into members, and members into champions.

User Journey

Brand Voice

Marketing Strategy

Visual Identity

Church Marketing Strategy


Your website is the front door to your church where people go first to check you out. You’ll get our best design customized for your church with the right messaging to get strangers to become first-time guests.

01 Home Page

02 About Page

03 Visit Page

04 Next Steps Page

05 Messages

06 Events

07 Give

Website Example

Website Example

Graphic Kits

When people come, they need to take their next steps to get connected into the church community. We will get all the necessary kits designed to promote the proper areas of church growth. The kits have all the resizes needed to promote online and in print.

Sermon Series
You’ll get access to sermon series graphics to help you present the message series. Preaching in series will help you promote the church services on a regular basis. It is a great way for people to reengage every time you have a new series.

Small Groups
One of the biggest barriers to a church growing past 200 in weekly attendance is pastoral care. If you are going to go to 500 and beyond in weekly attendance, you need to get people into small groups. This is where other’s can help provide care within the church.

Meet & Greet
Having an event where new people can join the church is a key aspect of growing churches. This event should have the red carpet treatment with the best experience you can provide. You can do this in one meeting, or it can be done over several weeks. One key component is the opportunity to join the church is available.

When people volunteer, their commitment goes to a high level. They are less likely to leave the church, closing the “back door” problem many churches have. This is where people leave the church without anyone noticing until it’s too late. Getting people on a team build community and creates a healthy culture.

Sermon Series


Meet & Greet


500 Ceiling Buster Package: $3250

This package is a great invitestment into growing your church. It is designed to help churches under 500 in weekly attendance go beyond 500.

Special Offer Happening Now

500 Ceiling Buster: $1997

Get your spot reserved. Book at time for a call and be sure to let us know you are interested in the special offer for the 500 Ceiling Buster Package.

You’ll Get These Terriffic Bonuses

Event Promotion Checklist

Get our outline for promoting an event for maximum reach. 

Baptism Kit

This graphic kit promotes one of the key steps in the church. It includes social media, poster, screens, and a t-shirt.

Social Media Graphics

You will get the social media deck for creating a wide variety of graphics for the year. It includes templates sermon quotes, scripture, and next steps.

Photography Guide

This guide will provide your photographers with rules for capturing the right images for your marketing efforts.

1 Year Promotional Plan

You’ll get our playbook for planning a year in advance with your marketing. It covers options for promoting the next steps.

Guest Follow Up Schedule

This 6-week schedule will help you follow up with first-time guests to get them to come back.