Get Your Brand Guide

There are many churches that are doing ministry well, but no one in their city knows about them. People drive by the church every Sunday not knowing what it has to offer them. This bothers us! 

That’s why we created our subscription packages to help churches cut through the noise and not be the best-kept secret in town.


If you are ready to save time and look awesome, then you are ready for the Church Brand Guide monthly packages.

Tier 1


2 Graphic Kits Per Month

We will create the graphic promotions you need for your events, plus the resizes. This is what we call a kit. Kits allow you to promote on all types of media.

We will work with your team to set up a system for requesting promotions and delivering design files. Our team will be your team.

Tier 2


4 Graphic Kits Per Month

You’ll get up to 4 kits per month. This can include facility signs, brochures, invites, screen graphics, and print graphics. We will create a system for promoting events, sermon series, and programs.

Look below for some examples of kits.

Graphic Kit: Christmas At Cornerstone Church

Graphic Kit: The Awe of God Sermon Series

Tier 3


Communications Guide

Monthly meetings with Michael to look at what is upcoming and create a marketing strategy. Michael will serve as your communications director to present media options to meet your goals.

Unlimited Graphics

We will create all the graphic promotions you need for your church events and programs. This includes facility signs, connect cards, and ministry logos. Plus, we create the resizes so you can promote all types of media.

Website Updates

Our team will create landing pages for your events and programs throughout the year. Landing pages have a design specific to an event and include all the details. Pages for campaigns can be created to help people get resources. We will listen to your vision, come up with a plan to resource the vision through your website, and then build the pages for you.

See examples of landing pages below.

Facility Signs

Signage can be instructional and inspiring. We’ll take a look at opportunities to use your facility to communicate your vision and values.  

Tier 4


Weekly SEO Posts

You produce valueable content every week through your sermons. This content can be leveraged to increase the digital footprint your church has to get found online more easily. Our team will take the weekly sermon, create a summary, and post the sermon video and notes on your website. You’ll get analytics reports with traffic updates, and we’ll make adjustments to increase your reach.

Initial Set Up & Ongoing

We will set up your SEO to get you more visitors and we can keep your going with weekly updates.

See examples below of how we have implemented ongoing SEO through posts.