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In this episode, Pastor Chris unpacks the experience and the results of rebranding his church. Pastor Chris Georges needed to rebrand a church he was asked to pastor after his father passed away.

He desired to take the church to a new place where he could lead it genuinely toward the vision God had given him. Pastor Georges contacted Michael to rebrand Fullness Church and he went through Michael’s process to create a new logo, website and more importantly a brand strategy. He has seen record numbers at his church and a renewed positive momentum created as a result of the clarity he is able to provide around the vision.

Most churches struggle to communicate their vision in a way that causes people to contribute to it.

A brand strategy is how companies are able to sell products and services to consumers and a church can leverage the same techniques to present their significant vision in a way that is attractive.

The result is that people will buy into a greater purpose and contribute to it with their time and money creating a culture of church growth.

The way you describe and discuss your vision to community is vital to their understanding the compelling benefits of coming to your church, increasing the chances of a successful relationship.

There are many things fighting for their attention other than being part of your church, so a church leader must get through the noise.

Virtual Communications Director

Michael Persaud has created the church branding process to help organizations communicate a clear compelling vision. This process is used to serve churches who hire Michael’s agency to create their brand.

As a proven solution to the struggle church leaders face when talking about their organizations, branding provides leaders an advantage in a noisy world. It reveals the secret for helping people realize why they need what you are offering.

Whether you are the marketing director of a mega church, or the pastor of a small church plant, this method will transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your community.

Michael is providing this exclusive program to serve as your church’s virtual communications director through a coaching subscription that any church can access. It’s easy to jump in and get direct access to Michael’s system taught by him in a step by step way to help you get results to grow your church.

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