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Michael Persaud in partnership with Church Marketing University shows leaders how to create attractive church brands that cause people to stick and become contributors to the vision

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No graphic design or marketing background needed

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Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud
This branding course is designed specifically for church leaders who want to attract people to their church and plugs them into the vision so they can participate and support it.
Too many churches are not growing because they are perfectly equipped to reach a world that no longer exists. Church attenders are reluctant to participate in the church and as a result the church is stagnant with a lack of positive momentum. Pastors are not sure if people want to even follow them or if what the church is doing is worth their time, energy, and money.

We know we have to get things right because God wants to transform lives using the church so people can know Him and live out the purpose He created them for.

The church has had a huge impact on my life as a boy growing up without much and I have committed the rest of my life to serve it. I have worked at a large church and a church plant as a communication director and I currently work at LifeMission Church. I understand the struggle of church growth.

I also have my own business working with companies to help them establish strong brands and my Church Brand Guide podcast serves hundreds of churches with branding concepts.

My passion for The Church and my experience in branding companies has allowed me to create a simple 3-step process to help churches create attractive brands. Clarity causes people to be transformed, to stick around, and actively participate in the church.

Here are 3 things every church can do to attract more people and become sticky:

• Get clear about who you are called to serve
• Determine your plan to help them know God
• Create your logo and brand guide

Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud speaking
The Church Branding Course I have created in partnership with Church Marketing University will provide you with the knowledge and tools to design a strong brand.  Be sure to get it today because every day matters.
When you get your church brand right you can see:
  •  God transforming lives through your church
  • People o give their best toward the vision God has given you
  • A passionate culture with positive momentum
  • Your church becomes a pillar in the community

If you don’t take action, you’ll continue to see that people don’t stick. They leave through the back door and might even leave the faith. The community needs to know you exist.

Get the Church Branding Course today and start making a difference!