Story of Vertical Church’s Website Makeover

How we transformed this church’s brochure website into an engaging online ministry hub

What is Vertical Church?

Vertical Church is located in Sunrise, Florida and it is part of the ARC network of churches. They have been serving the community for about 10 years with the vision to point people up toward God. They are a bi-lingual congregation providing everything in English and Spanish.

Where was Vertical Church before finding Church Brand Guide?

The church was growing after adding multiple services, reaching about a thousand people each week in their Sunday services. They are strong in hospitality, worship, preaching, small groups, serve teams, kids ministry, and youth ministry. The website was lacking and did not represent the church well. People in the city did not know about Vertical Church’s benefits because they could not find a good website that answered their questions. 

How did they find Church Brand Guide and why did they decide to work with them?

The creative director at Vertical Church saw a new website we did for Coastal Community Church, which is a partner church in the area. They liked the fresh look and reached out to Church Brand Guide after talking with the pastor of Coastal. They wanted the Church Brand team’s design skills and web expertise to take them to the next level on a WordPress website. 

What did the Vertical Church leadership immediately recognize that needed fixing inside the organization?

Vertical was using a website builder, limiting what they could do with digital outreach. WordPress allowed them to expand their online strategy to reach more people in the area. They have a vision to provide online courses, family resources, a helpful blog, and podcast, and they wanted to maximize their ability to get found on search engines. The strategy moving forward is to use Google Ads and analytics effectively to see more first-time visitors. 

What were some of the biggest wins that took place in the church after we identified the problem?

A fresh look that better represents the church online is available to the community. The marketing efforts of Vertical Church are elevated by the implementation of SEO tactics on the backend and improved the user experience on the front end. People can now access the church resources like prayer guides, kids’ devotions, podcasts, sermons, and more.

What were some of the results Vertical Church saw from working with us?

We listened to the desires of the ministry leaders and made them a reality. The church website is a tool for Vertical Church to do ministry, not just promote ministry. Kids resources, youth resources, and many more resources were now easily accessible to the community. The church now has analytics to track its marketing and make adjustments to reach more people. 

Why should someone use Church Brand Guide to help them rebrand their church?

Church Brand Guide becomes an extension of your ministry to the city. We worked closely with the Vertical Church communications director, Olimpo, to make the website perfect for the way they do ministry. He had full access to the website to design certain elements using the Divi Builder drag-and-drop editor. Church Brand Guide designed the initial concept and adjusted any designs provided by Olimpo so it would work well on desktop and mobile displays. It was a collaboration all the way. If you need a website expert to help you build the right digital tools for your ministry, then Church Brand Guide is right for you.

Vertical Church made back what they invested in working with us through new members joining the church because of their website. 

The moral of the story is you can create an online ministry hub to get new visitors to join your church.

If you’re a pastor, church marketer, or designer, and you’re done with trying to figure it all out alone, reach out to us today.

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Media page to present sermons, podcasts, RightNow Media, Church Online, and stories.

Strategic messaging to present important next steps and state the benefits of the church. 

Easily integrate the website with church software like Planning Center to provide sign-ups. 

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