Introducing A New Brand

Your new brand can help you build positive momentum if you roll it out properly to present a compelling vision.

Change is Hard for People to Embrace 

When a new brand is introduced poorly, it may result in a loss of trust and a subsequent step backward for the church. A church must be careful to put a good amount of resources and strategy into the rollout of the new brand. A poorly executed rebrand causes those who have been part of the past to hang on to what was in place, even if it is not best for the church.

How To Reveal The New Brand To Build Momentum:

When introducing the new brand, start with the “why” then the “what” then the “how.”

This can be done in a sermon series where you can take some time to unpack each of the 3 areas. 

The goal is to help people feel like they have been part of something significant, then invite them to come on a journey to reach the next generation.

The Why:

  • Let them know why the big “C” Church exists. 
  • The chruch is a place of hope, a place where people find community, a place where people discover their purpose, and a place where people can make a difference
  • Share some historical benefits the church has had on the world.

The What:

  • Tell them what our vision is for the specific community we serve.
  • Unpack what we have done to serve our community.
  • Share testimonies of what transformation individuals have experienced in our church.
  • Celebrate what we have been able to accomplish.

The How:

  • Let them know about a need to step up to a higher level of ministry.
  • Make the case that we cannot stay where we are but we have to advance forward; the work is not done.
  • Discuss the need for a change to take place to better serve a changing world; discuss the way the world is different now than what it was.
  • Invite them to come on the journey to reach a new generation with a fresh vision.
  • Reveal the new branding that will help us reach more people who need the gospel. 


Brand Rollout Plan

Overall, the approach for introducing a new brand is like a bullseye. You want to start from the center and work your way out. 

  • Center: core leadership
  • Ring 1: staff
  • Ring 2: volunteers
  • Ring 3: congregation 
  • Ring 4: community

Step 1: Internal Launch

Get with the church core leadership to get them on board. Answer any questions they have with the aim of turning them into champions of the new direction. These people may or may not be staff. They are the key influencers and it is probably a small group of less than 10.

If possible allow some core leadership to be part of the design process so they can provide input into the process. This will allow them to help you champion the process to other groups.

The internal launch can the extend out to the first ring which is the staff. Let them in on the new branding and let them know why there was a need to rebrand.

Within a week, introduce the new branding to the volunteers on all your teams. You want to do this within a week so the news does not leak. 

Call an all volunteer meeting where the leadership can celebrate those who serve with a free meal or dessert. Then present them with some inspiring updates about he church including the new branding. Be sure to explain the why behind the new branding. 

Step 2: Congregation Launch 

Present the change to the congregation by explaining why you need to change so you can reach more people. Use the process outlined above to put together a sermon-series where the 3rd message reveals the new brand. This can also be a single message.

The new logo and branding elements should be displayed on the screens and some printed materials can be placed in the lobby as people exit after the service.

After you have introduced the new branding in the service, celebrate it with a simple fellowship event after the service. 

  • Have ice cream bars (or whatever makes sense for you) for everyone and create a nice moment full of smiles. 
  • If your budget allows, you can even make t-shirts available for everyone. 
  • Have an 8×10 foot photo booth where people can take a picture with the new branding. Be creative to celebrate moment. 

Step 3: External Launch 

Roll out the new branding throughout your digital platforms and your property. 

If possible, make the switch happen form your old brand to your new brand as immediate as possible. By the next weekend, have as many things in place with the new branding as possible. This will create excitment toward the future and a sense of perminance. 

Have all your signs on the property swapped out with the new branding and even create some new sings to place throughout the property. The physical presence of the new branding will help people to embrace it quickly.

Create a 2-minute external video explaining the new branding for use on social media channels. This message should be focused toward the community to let them know how you can better serve them.

A New Brand Builds Positive Momentum

When you reveal the new branding properly, you will honor people and invite them to a better future. This will build momentum as you move forward.

People naturally resist change because they want to be comfortable, so they must be presented with a plan that leads to better things.

When a new brand presents a compelling “why” behind the need for change, most people will rally around the cause and put aside their self-centered concerns to reach others.

Michael Persaud




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