Watch this video to see the story behind a branded Easter design concept.

Events should build the brand of the church.

Easter is coming sooner than you think. Here is a tip to help you brand your Easter service to build your reputation, which causes people to come back.

Value-Based Easter Theme

Determine a value of your church that you want the Easter event to focus on. By choosing a value of your church as a theme, the Easter experience promotes the church holistically and is not just a one-time event. This value could be something like “hope.” 

Once you have a value chosen, design the service experience in this direction. The promotion design should communicate “hope” so it creates alignment to the experience people will have.

Share a story of a person in the church that supports the theme at your Easter service. This can be on video or you can do it live.

Have a photo booth in the lobby, and other decore that is based on the marketing theme leading up to Easter. This builds trust that people are in the right place.

How build your reputation through an event like Easter.

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