Lesson 1

Your church’s website is where new guests come first to decide whether they will come on a weekend. 

Lesson 2

The website needs to be designed like an employee with a specific job working 24/7 to get people to a worship service. 

I built a new website for Real Life Church to develop its brand in the community. The website unpacks three things that are crucial for establishing the right perception from your community:

  • It tells a story that is inviting to people who are not part of the church.
  • It has great visual elements that helps to build trust.
  • It builds a reputation by letting people know what you do for them.

The website serves as the front door of your church, so the user experience must be engaging to help people take their next steps. An engaging website is intuitive for first-time users so they can have their questions answered.

When websites are designed with the user in mind, it makes the experience easy to navigate, and people understand what you want them to do next. The user enjoys the first impression they have of the church, which causes them to be more likely to come for a visit. 

Michael helped us change the way we think about our website. The new design is a strong representation of our church to help us reach first-time guests.


Real Life Church

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Most people think visual branding is just another necessary cost. But we believe it’s an investment that gets you a return. With a beautiful visual brand that helps you stand out in a crowded world, word of mouth starts to spread like never before. More people will invite their family and friends because they are proud to be part of your church.

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