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  • Many churches struggle with creativity. There is a tension between being
    genuine and innovating within the church. The result is that churches don’t attract creative people, and they feel stuck doing things the way they have always been done. In this episode of the Church Brand Guide Podcast, our guest, Nick Agimudie, discusses how you can develop a culture of creativity in your church to attract creative people and keep innovating within the church.
  • Culture is creative. It’s ever-changing, and sometimes churches don’t keep up with that. If you are into creativity and want leadership to buy into a more innovative way to communicate, this episode is outlined to help you out. We are going to serve you as a communication director. We offer you different tactics, strategies, and principles to help you develop an innovative culture.

  • Church Brand Guide has a Christmas package that includes everything you need from screens to posters and Branner instead of spending money on Christmas branding, and we created this fantastic offer for you. It’s all done in Canva. All you need to do is enter your church information to make it your own. https://course.churchbrandguide.com/christmas-package

  • The best days of the church are still yet to come. Watch/listen to the podcast and see more ways to create good culture; remember God is a creator, and he uses us to do some creative works. You can contact Nick with his email at nick@yellowbox.co

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