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Cut through the noise to attract people who need what your church offers.

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Communicate clearly to provide next steps so people are able to live with purpose.

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Create a culture where people contribute their resources to your compelling vision.

Your Virtual Communications Director Membership

The way you describe and discuss your church to the community is vital to their understanding of the benefits of coming to your church, increasing the chances of a successful relationship.

Many things are fighting for their attention other than being part of your church, so a church leader must get through the noise.

Michael Persaud has created this church communications process to provide systems that communicate a clear compelling vision.

As a proven solution to the struggle a church leader faces when talking about their organizations, branding provides leaders an advantage in a noisy world. It reveals the secret for helping people realize why they need what you are offering.

Whether you are the marketing director of a megachurch or the pastor of a small church plant, this method will transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your community.

Michael brings an easy to understand way to help us build our church marketing team one step at a time so it's not overwhelming.

Marquita ScottMarketing Director, Faith Family Church

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4 areas to build brand clarity.

Virtual Communications Director helping you get results faster by providing systems and coaching.

You’ll get weekly coaching from Michael with a system to help you become an effective communications director for your church.

01 Get Clear

Define who you serve and what you offer them

02 Create the Experience

Design an experience that meets their need

03 Attract People

Use the right tools to get noticed

04 Get Buy In

Let them know a clear next step

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Michael Persaud

I believe confusion is an enemy of your vision

Your Virtual Communications Director

Most churches struggle to communicate their vision in a way that causes people to contribute to it.

A brand is how companies sell products and services to consumers and a church can leverage the same techniques to present their significant vision in an attractive way.

The result is that people will buy into a greater purpose and contribute to it with their time and money.

Michael has put together this virtual communications director subscription to serve church leaders with practical coaching to help them successfully present the church to their community.

It includes a monthly webinar and accompanying downloads to help you apply it to your church.


Guiding you through 12 concepts at a manageable pace. Live Zoom calls will accompany the course materials. You can cancel anytime.


Get Clear: Define who you serve and what you offer them

Many churches lack focus when it comes to communicating who they are in clear and concise way. A brand script will help provide clarity allowing you to be attractive to people you are best at reaching.

Design an experience that meets their needs

It is difficult to have consistency with your marketing. A marketing strategy allows you to build trust with your audience causing them to take the action you would like them to take.

Brand Journey Steps

Successful brands have a system to follow to get them from point A to point B.

Photography and Video Stories

Your brand needs to be authentic to who you are so you'll have a guide to help you capture the right images and video.

Transformation and Language

People want to be part of something that helps them to become better. You'll have consistent language to help them take next steps.

Event Promotions Playbook

Your events are a great way to attract new people into the church. You'll have a guide to help you make each event an on ramp to the vision.

Website: Purposeful User Design

The website is the front door to your church where most people first experience the church. It needs to have a clear focus to serve them well.

Marketing Method: 5 Stages

Consistency is what build trust and causes people to come to check out the church. You'll have a clear grid for marketing channels.

Facilities and Signs

The environment people walk into help to create a culture and culture builds momentum. You'll see some great examples that you can use for your church.

Event Planning Tier System

Being a good steward of your resources is important so you can get the greatest results. This system will help you plan well for your marketing costs.

Branding Guide Document

A branding guide is a great tool to create a consistent and cohesive experience that builds trust in your brand.

1 Year Optimized Schedule

There are certain times of the year that a church can gain some great momentum. We will help you create the rhythm for your calendar to take advantage of the season people are in.
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