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Tuesday & Wednesday, May 5 & 6
10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern

Get Your New Church Brand in 30 Days

The world is mostly frozen in place due to the Coronavirus. Churches that have clarified their message and built a brand strategy are much more likely to survive. Because of that, the Church Brand Guide is making possible something we’ve never made possible before. You can now take the online Church Brand Guide Workshop from your home or office! Get your brand done right in only 30 days with coaching, a new logo, a new website, property signs, and a brand and marketing strategy.


Brand Strategy

2 guided 90-minutes online strategy sessions with your team where we will get clarity about your church brand using the Church Brand Guide 4-part framework. You’ll have a brand and marketing strategy moving forward.


Logo & Branding

Your new church logo will be designed by professional designers in line with the brand strategy. A brand guide defining the strategy and brand visual elements such as fonts, colors, and graphic treatment are created specifically for your church.


Website Platform

The church website is created by the Church Brand Guide team with the user experience in mind to help them make their first visit. The site is built on a powerful platform that is infinitely scalable and easy to update by your team.


Property Signs

Signs are designed by the Church Brand Guide team with your branding to create a great experience for the guest from the street to their seat. This will transform your environments with brand visuals and messaging.

It’s Easy to Get Started

As a branding agency, we will charge upwards of $15,000 to deliver a similar package. Because we are able to provide this experience online in our workshop, we can deliver a high-level product at a fraction of the cost.


Submit Your Application for the Online Branding Workshop

Let us know about your church and we’ll give you a call to discuss the process, answer any questions, and get you signed up.


Get Started with Your Strategy Session to Discover Your Brand

The Branding Workshop includes 2 strategy sessions with Michael and your team where you will go through our framework. You’ll provide your specific church information so we can design a custom brand.


Get Your Brand Done Right By The Church Brand Guide Team

Your brand will be put together by the Church Brand Guide team so it is done right. You’ll have the pieces in place to reach your community with your vision. 

Some of the Great Brands We’ve Created

01 Brand Strategy

The first step to creating an attractive brand that has alignment with your vision is to get the strategy in place. This creates alignment in the organization so every area online and offline will point people to their next step. Church Brand Guide has an exclusive 4-step framework to specifically help churches communicate who they are clearly so people can understand it quickly.

01 Get Clear
We will help you define an audience, create language, a logo, and other visual elements that will allow you to cut through the noise. 

02 Create The Experience
You will define the right digital and physical experience which is needed to help people to learn about your vision.

03 Attract People
A marketing plan will help your church have a strategy to reach people online and offline throughout the year.

04 Get Buy-In
We will help you create a clear path for people to join the mission of the church with their resources.

02 Logo & Branding

The church logo is the single most viewed part of a brand. You have to get this right because people do judge a book by its cover. You are invited into the logo design process as we get your input then use our expertise to create a design that will appeal to your audience. Supporting branding elements like your colors, fonts, and graphic styles will also be defined to build trust in your brand. Our team will provide you with 2 designs to choose from based on the strategy you help us develop.

01 Logo  •  02 Brand Guide  •  03 Church Invites  •  04 Letterhead  •  05 Business Cards  •  06 Envelope

03 Website Platform

Website designed and built for Trinity Temple based on their brand strategy

The website is the first place people go to when checking out your church. It needs to have the right user experience so people know what the next step is for them. Your website will be built on the powerful WordPress platform with the Divi Theme which makes it easy to maintain by a staff member or volunteer. With this setup, your site can grow in features as your church grows. We will set up your new site with the 12 pages needed to get your church noticed then provide training so your team can grow the site.

01 Home  •  02 About  •  03 Visit  •  04 Messages  •  05 Events  •  06 Give  •  07 Ministries  •  08 Pastors/Leaders  •  09 Beliefs/Values  •  10 Kids  •  11 Students  •  12 Contact

04 Signs on property

Signs designed for Vibrant Church with their branding

Successful church brands are able to build a culture that is welcoming to new guests. The right signs will compliment your team as you make it easy for people to attend your church. We will get you set up with a great foundation package of signs.

01 Street Flags
These will help create visibility of your property at service times and communicate a welcoming culture.

02 Sidewalk Signs
These A-frame signs are great to place in the parking lot to help people know where to park, where to enter, and provide a warm greeting.

03 Values Banner
This is a large banner that serves as a focal point in the entry area of your church. It provides a welcoming message and a glimpse of your values.

04 Navigation
These signs will help new guests feel at home. They let people know where to take their kids, where the restrooms are, and where to go for the service.


Branding Workshop

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What People Are Saying About The Workshop

We recently worked with Mosaic Church to create their new brand.

“Our team was blown away by the process and the new branding that came out of it.”

Iosif Hoca

Lead Pastor, Mosaic Church

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