There are 3 things the best church website designs have in common.
In a day where it’s never been easier to reach people through digital media, many churches are missing the mark because they don’t know the correct strategy.
We’ll take a look at what the best church web platforms look like to engage with strangers using the website and social media.
The result is you’ll have a clear path defining the purpose for your posts and the website to allow you to see more people coming to your church. You’ll be able to build a team of people that can help you with digital marketing because you’ll have a playbook.

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Top 3 things a great church site has:

  1. They have a clear representation of the brand
  2. They have a tagline that speaks to the audience
  3. They have a next step for people to take

1. They have a clear representation of the brand.
The website needs to have the logo in the upper left or upper center of the site to let people know they are in the correct place. Most marketing traffic comes from things other than the website so there needs to be a clear connection.

2. They have a tagline that speaks to the audience.
Build your website for the audience you are trying to reach. Don’t be like most struggling churches that make it all about the church but instead let people know you understand their needs. A great tagline in the website home banner that speaks to their needs is a great way to establish this.

There are 3 basic needs that churches are great at serving:

  1. Lack of purpose
  2. Lack of hope
  3. Lack of connection

They have a next step for people to take.
In all your digital marketing, make sure you have a clear next step for people to take. Try to make it one thing as much as possible.

A great call to action for a church website is for people to plan a visit. Have a page dedicated to helping new people make their first visit. Show pictures, give service information and let them know you want them to come.

Provide redundant buttons on the home page and throughout the site that take people to this plan a visit page. This is the top job of a great church website.

These are some tips that will help you create a great church website with just a few adjustments.

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