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Brand Playbook

All of our packages start with a Zoom call to create a Digital Marketing Roadmap .


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Once you have a Roadmap, our team will create the projects to establish your identity and digital marketing.

Websites & branding to help you reach more people.


We guide you through a 5-step strategy process which results in your logo and brand design with a guide.


Get a website that serves your church as the front door to invite people and serve regular attenders well.

Brand + Site

Get a new brand and website that will help you establish a perception that is in alignment with the vision.


We have packages to create facility signs, sub-ministry brands, printed materials, photography, and videos.


It’s not often that you create a new branding for a network that represents 80 separate organizations and you receive 100% thumbs up. Michael made it happen!

Jonny Vereeken

LINC Community

5-step signature process that creates a strategy around your vision.

We have helped dozens of churches across the country with a proven brand-building framework. We always start with a strategy to guide the process.

  1. Brand Script

    • Discover your Audience
  2. Brand Journey

    • A clear plan for the guest
  3. On-Ramps

    • Attracting new members
  4. Marketing Roadmap

    • Get clear about marketing
  5. Brand Visuals

    • Establish an identity
Some of our work
LINC Churches - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
Lifemission Church - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
New Tribe Church - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
Leaders Church Hardy Group - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
Church Marketing University Ryan Wakefield - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design
Evangelistic Center Bishop Jack Vaughn - Church Brand Guide Michael Persaud Logo design

Websites that work for your church 24/7

A website is a critical part of your marketing strategy. It serves as the front door of your church. We treat your site as one of the church’s most valuable staff members that has a specific job to do to help accomplish the vision. Our approach is to build a website that serves the church as a tool with the proper strategies implemented to help you attract first-time guests and serve church members.

Do you need help establishing your church brand?


Church Brand Guide has a process that helped me clearly communicate what what I provide to my clients.

Bobby Bogard

The Bogard Group
We saw a great impact from the guidance we received in the branding process to reach more people and increase our donations.

Bishop Vaughn

Evangelistic Center

What’s Your Investment?

How much is unclear messaging affecting your church? How many people in your community can’t hear your message in the sea of noise? How many of your services are half empty because people don’t know why they should come? How many people are passing up your church? Can potential visitors understand why they need your church? A lack of clarity may already be costing a great deal.

Get on a call with Michael to learn about the branding packages, timeframes, and get prices.

Phases of Church Life That May Require a New Brand

Church Planter

We serve church planters with a brand that will help share the vision to raise support.

Existing Church

Churches that have an updated vision due to a new leader or a new way of doing ministry.

Building Transition

We serve churches that are in a building campaign to help them update their brand.

Our Process

01. Discover

We learn who you are and what your vision is so we can help you close the gap with your community.

02. Plan

We work with you to create a strategy for your visual identity, marketing, and communication.

03. Design

We design creative elements to represent your vision like your logo, website, video and graphics

04. Deploy

Our team helps you execute the launch of your new brand with digital materials, printed materials, video, and signs.

Take a step in the right direction.

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