What if you could create holidays so new people to come to your church regularly? Would you do it?
In episode 53 of the Church Brand Guide Podcast, we discuss how you can create on-ramps to your church where you rally the people and create alignment with your marketing to get a great result of new people coming to your church on a particular date.

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There are some natural times of the year that you can take advantage of like Easter and Christmas plus you can add a few more. As a church, you probably have a few days that are unique to you which can be added to the list.

Here are some days churches can leverage to invite new guests:

  • January series focusing on new people
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • September series or event focusing on new people
  • Christmas

The goals are to have something in each quarter as a healthy rhythm. Too many events and you exhaust your resources and too few and you miss great opportunities to invite new people.

There are 2 concepts that I use to help create the system:

On-ramps: Events that are designed to be safe for new people to come to check out the church

Lanes: Areas of the church where people connect into the family

Your church needs a strategy to help people get plugged into the areas of the church where relationships can form. Events need to be strategic to point people to their next step to get into one of these areas.

If you implement this system you’ll see growth starting to take place as people can take clear next steps to become part of your church family.

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I hope you take some next steps to change the results you have been seeing! Please apply the on-ramp idea I shared in this post.

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