Most churches struggle to communicate their vision in a way that causes people to contribute to it.

Having brand clarity helps you to cut through the noise to build a experience that is attractive to your community and gets them to buy in. The result is a clear experience that introduces them to the church and moves them to become contributors.

You’ll see how we designed a brand for East Lake Church to reach young families in the area. A brand is not a logo, it’s a lifestyle. You’ll learn how to use a target audience to fuel the brand design.

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The Invitation

I wanted invite you to let me serve your church as your Virtual Communications Director with the Church Brand Guide membership program.

You’ll get further faster as I present my years of experience in church communications and secular marketing in a step-by-step coaching program. The Systems you will be provided will be a game changer for your church communications to bring a clear strategy and allow for you to see more people contribute to the church.

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“Michael’s has helped our team learn a new way of thinking about how we promote our church. It has helped us be more intentional this Easter to see record numbers.” – Pastor Chris Georges

“I have been able to raise a great deal more money than a typical church planter because of the clear way I am able to share about the vision of our new church plant.” – Pastor Brandon Sereg

I believe that confusion is the enemy of your vision. If you can learn and apply some simple strategies, you’ll be able to help your church reach more people than ever before in this digital marketing age.

As Church Brand Guide, I produce free training to help as many churches as possible. Through our channels we get requests all the time for further training. Now I have a way to offer it!

“Michael helped us rebrand our church to set us up for a new season of ministry where we become a 3 generation church.” – Pastor Tim Forsthof

Membership Program

You’ll have direct coaching when it comes to church branding, marketing and communications. This will cover all the major areas of church marketing to make sure you get things right.

  1. Get Clear – Define who you serve and what you offer them
  2. Create the Experience – Design an experience that meets their need
  3. Attract People – Use the right marketing tools to get noticed
  4. Get Buy In – Let them know clear next steps

I will provide communication systems through online webinars, customizable documents and an online community. The program will introduce a new topic 2 times each month in a 30 minute webinar so it’s not overwhelming for you to implement in your church.

The playback and resource will be available in case you miss the webinar.

You will have less stress as you are able to get better retention so you can see growth take place.

  • More Guests
  • More Life Change
  • More Support

“The insights we gained from rebranding with Michael in 2015 has helped us to increase revenue as we are able to share our mission more clearly to our people.” – Bishop Jack Vaughn


I wanted to provide the coaching that we provide for our clients for $1700 at a price that any church can afford. The cost of this program is $77 per month to allow me to be your virtual communications director.

By spreading out the teaching in a membership, I can accomplish 2 things:

  • Keep cost down for you to be able to get it
  • Help you implement it so you see results

I would love for you to be a founding member in this first season of the membership and help me shape this program to better serve you with your direct input.

Special Offer

For joining now, I will provide you with the discounted price of only $37. This is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time if you don’t feel like it’s a benefit to you.

The price will go up, so please join as soon as possible to get in. Once you are in you will be locked into this rate for the lifetime of your good standing membership.

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Bonus Offer

If you sign up in May, I’ll also send you a brand new resource with my blueprint for creating an effective church website that is designed for the purpose of getting someone to come to a weekend service.

A church website should serve as the front door to your church to invite people to a clear next step. I’ll show you how you can make some adjustments to your site to allow it to do a great job at this.

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