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071 Branding tactics and inspiration from a 1000-member church in Detroit

Your church matters, but does your community feel like that it matters to them?

When a church focuses on creating a branded website, it relates to people, so they believe that it is relevant for their lives. 

A branded site starts with a strategic plan to communicate the church’s value to people in a simple way. This plan then allows for creating visual elements like the logo, website, and facility signs that relate to the people you are trying to reach.

People judge a book by its cover, and they are evaluating your church by what they see you presenting online and offline. 

If your church consistently delivers a great message and a great experience on the weekend, but you believe you should see more people come, you may have a brand problem.

What if you could get your visuals to line up with your vision. For many churches, an excellent logo and website would cause a tipping point leading to growth.

Three branding mistakes most church leaders make:

  1. Many church leaders know they need a website, but they are not aware of what role the website needs to play in the brand strategy to get people to take the next steps with the brand. They did not get a degree in website UX design. 
  2. Most church leaders know they need a logo, but they are not aware that seeing the proper logo design multiple times builds trust, allowing people to come for a visit.
  3. Most church leaders know they need some signs on their property to show people where to go, but they are not aware that people will decide if they are returning to the church within the first 5 minutes of being on the property. 

Companies understand that investing in branding will get them an exponential return—more church’s need to invest appropriately into building their brand to see a great harvest.

If church leaders were fully aware of these branding principles, they would invest heavily in getting these areas right to see more people come to the church resulting in more life-change.

Michael responded so well to our needs. He learned about who we are so he could design a beautiful website, logo, and graphics. We have seen an increase in attendance and new members since rebranding with Michael.

Lucas Forthsoff

Creative Pastor, Cornerstone Church

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