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Facility: Example of a Next Steps Signage

Website: Example of a Next Steps Page

Church Growth Strategy: Clearly Communicate Your Next Steps Process

As we journey through the exciting path of church growth, our main marketing objective is to share how our church is a solution to a problem that people have.

We’ve noticed that getting the word out about the fantastic benefits of our church is a bit like solving a puzzle, but we’re up for the challenge!

Below is a formula we use to help churches position themselves as a helpful guide. The trick is for the church to present themselves as a solutions to the problems people face in their community.

This formula positions the church as a guide to help people become the hero of their stories.

Here is part one of the formula. People are seeking a solution that addresses these 4 fundamental needs:

  • A source of hope
  • A genuine sense of belonging
  • Opportunities for personal growth
  • Avenues to make a meaningful impact

As we position our church as a solution to these four concerns that all people share, it becomes crucial to articulate a clear and compelling call to action.

The call to action is a specific place people can go to find the solution. It starts to look like this:

  • Hope = Worship Service
  • Belonging = Small Groups or Sunday School
  • Growth = Discipleship Track
  • Impact = Serving on a Team

This formula communicates your church’s next step in a way that is simple and clear. It communicates why we have these areas of ministry within the church.

The brand of the church becomes about meeting the needs of our audience and not about our church programs.

By outlining how our church addresses these four problems, we not only provide a roadmap for spiritual seekers but also foster a deeper connection with those already within our community.

Consistency in language is pivotal; it ensures a cohesive narrative that resonates with both newcomers and existing members.

You need a strategy to uniquely convey how your church meets these needs, creating a space where all individuals can find hope, community, growth, and the means to make a difference.

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