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The Church Brand Guide team will design and develop all your event graphics, update your website, and create sermon bumper videos to market your church.

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The Awe of God is a sermon series we promoted for Pastor Paul in the fall. The series led up to Christmas and focused on God being worthy of worship. 

We work with Riverside Church each month to serve as their communications team.

Our monthly meeting with the church leadership looks ahead to what is happening so our team can promote the events.

The sermon series marketing strategy is one of our most effective ongoing tactics for church growth.

The Awe of God series followed our predetermined promotion package for every sermon series. Below is what’s inside the sermon series package for Riverside Church: 

  • Screen 1920×1080
  • Invite cards 3.5×2 inches
  • Social Post 1200×1200
  • Posters 24×36 inches
  • LED stage wall 5760×1080
  • Lower 3rds 1920×260
  • Mailer 8.5×5.5 inches (internal list)
  • Video 40 second Bumper 

Our team knows what is needed for the sermon series promotion so we can produce each campaign quickly.

The sermon series playbook allows us to leverage the weekly sermons to promote the church before the series and also provides the materials we need for an archive of the message on YouTube and a blog.

The archive allows the church brand to expand its reach each week with a new sermon.

Each week, we maximize the sermons of Riverside Church to reach their city.

Why you should have a playbook for sermons series:

  • Sermon series are a great tool for regularly inviting new visitors to church.

  • Week 1 of a new series is a great call to action for marketing campaigns on social media.

  • Allows you to plan a few months in advance to properly promote the series. 

  • Helps you collaborate with the speaker so an appropriate design concept can be created.

  • Determine what types of promotions are needed for advertising digitally and in print so you don’t miss an opportunity. 

  • Once the design is approved, the design team can quickly resize it for all marketing channels.

  • You’ll create a church marketing machine that is easy to consistently execute and gets new visitors.

Did you know we can serve as your communications team?

See our church marketing packages for serving your church every month with graphics, web updates, and video by clicking here.

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