People are not coming to your church because they don't think your church is for them.

sPeople in your city don’t think your church can help them.

In a recent survey I sent out, I received a question that said, “What attracts de-churched people to stop and give your church a shot?”

My simple answer is you need to present your church as a solution to their problem. This starts by determining a simple message that your church can rally around. It continues by creating the supporting visual elements that allow that message to be perceived as relevant. 

When your church becomes good at this, you will become one of those churches that are growing and taking new ground. 

In a podcast episode, we take a look at one pastor's journey to build a brand.

In this podcast episode, we take a dive into Pastor Kevin’s church rebrand process who was on a CBG Membership coaching session. He is working on building a culture that has the momentum to grow New Life Christian Center so they can reach more people. We discuss creating a new tagline that is more reflective of what benefits the church offers. I also provide some feedback on his website to make it more appealing to new guests.

Podcast Episode 063

Calvary Church

Calvary Church is reaching those in their city of Pella, Iowa who are not planted in a good faith community. I rebranded them so they can be perceived in their community as relevant.

The new tagline: Know God. Live with Purpose.

New branded website: calvarypella.org

Present Your Message

To be perceived as a solution for people, good brands answer these four questions clearly:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who are they?
  3. What is the problem they have?
  4. What is my message to them?

Your brand is not about you. It’s about your message to them. Growing churches find a message they can focus on for a long time to be known for. 

In the marketplace, you see the use of taglines to communicate what people can expect from a brand. It’s a positioning statement to help people understand where the brand fits in their life. 

Here are some examples of taglines you may recognize:

  • If you want to get healthy, you will probably think of Nike because they have branded themselves as the “active lifestyle” company.
  • If you feel like having some good fried chicken, you may think of KFC. They have built a strong reputation around their tagline “finger-lickin’ good.”
  • If you want to get your day off to a good start, you may grab a coffee from Dunkin’ Doughnuts because of their tagline “America runs on Dunkin.”

3 tips for your church to discover a tagline:

  • Keep it simple; 5 ot 8 words
  • Keep it positive
  • Make it in a common language, not religious
  • Point to a result you can help them get
  • Make it authentic to your ministry

A church needs to get a clear message around the unique way you serve your city. Then, get a visual design representing that message accurately with colors, fonts, a logo, a website, and sings.

The visual design that you present to your city helps them to relate to your church. This is an investment that will return as people are willing to give your church a try. 

For example, if your message is one of hope, then make sure the visuals have the integrity to that message. A good designer will help you create a look that is on point with your message. 

Avoid using personal preferences as a guide for your branding, but instead, find out what is appealing to your audience. Use colors, fonts, and graphics that relate to them.

An excellent way to discover this is by researching the brands that they buy. Use the fonts, colors, and mimic the graphic treatment of these brands with your church promotions. 

When you have a clear message relevant to your city and present that message in a way that relates to them, you will see more people visit your church. 

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