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Innovation with business tactics to reach people for ministry with Geno Guevara

This episode will open your mind to new possibilities for what is available to you as a ministry. We often get stuck in our own minds, but the most significant innovations come from ideas outside our circle.

Geno owns a martial arts business where he uses software to create sales funnels and automation to bring in new customers. He was inspired to use the same business tactics to reach people who are searching for answers online.

Geno has a passion for ministry to millennials and wanted to reach them with the Gospel where they were.

9941 Page Layout

Show Notes


  • Geno’s Website: 9941.co


    • Millennials are disrupting every industry. It’s not unique to the church. Geno’s Martial Arts school was also affected by the methods of millennials and had to adjust.
    • Asked: what would it look like to uniquely reach millennials? 
    • Geno went on a 3-year process of creating a strategy to reach this group of people. 
    • The mission: reach them online first, then point them to a local church. Go after that one lost person. He called it 9941 Ministries.
    • Created a digital connect card to get into a one-on-one conversation first, then point them to a group, finally to a church service.
    • Collect data from people interacting with the brand to be able to follow up with them effectively. 
    • Millennials feel like they are being judged constantly. The strategy is to let them be anonymous as long as they would like. 
    • The church impacted Geno to get him out of addiction and now wants to give back to others. 
    • Geno desires to guide people to relevant messages that can help them where they are by developing a personal relationship with them online.
    • 9941 is focused on the “fun, fearless female millennial.” The brand is not designed for everyone; it is hyper-focused.
    • Geno is reaching out to those who are not ready to step into a church but are curious about their faith. 
    • Website: 9941.co
    • The next step for 9941 is to create a Facebook Live show to let the audience know they have beauty on the inside. 
    • The feel of the brand is personal, not corporate. 

9941 Branding

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