In this episode, we are talking about Christmas. The episode’s goal is to explore how we can give people an experience to make them become part of our church.


Imagine Christmas as a tradition in your church, where people in your church and the community look forward to the Christmas season every year. 

Achieving this can happen with the mindset of creating a branded Christmas at your church.

  • Identifying the problem people have at this time of year and providing a solution is an excellent key to getting more members Christmas season.
  • Many churches make the mistake of having a Christmas service for themselves. However, Christmas is when everyone in the culture is made aware of God, and your church needs to leverage this awareness to invite new people to come to your Christmas service.

1. People lack hope

If you think about it, hope is something people lack during this season. Many people are anxious after the first three quarters of the year without achieving their goals. What if we build a brand around the idea of building hope in people. This is an example of how you can focus on the experience people have at your Christmas service.

2. Providing a moment to celebrate

For many people, the Christmas season to be the busiest time of year. As a church, we could give people a moment with their family and loved ones.

I have a strategic playbook on how you can plan a Christmas event. I mapped out all the weekly strategies starting from October to December with all plans and promotions. Listen to the podcast episode 74.

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