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A successful website is always working for your church to get new guests to come to a service. It’s like an employee working 24/7 to get new guests, so it must be built as a tool to help people make their first visit.

We like using WordPress to build websites for churches with Divi Builder installed to make the site easy to design and update.

This podcast episode discusses the tools for building an effective church website for your church.

  • A Worpress website provides a church with the full power to create the right web platform for them.
  • Divi is a theme builder that makes the website easy to build and update.
  • You will have a sustainable website platform that will serve the church for many years when you use the right tools.
  • The combination of WordPress and Divi allows the user experience design to be just right for the church.
  • You need the ability to build the right tools to serve the vision of the church as it expands. 
  • As a church leader, you need to invest into an expert to help you get the website right to serve the vision. 
  • Don’t waste time and energy to cut corners on the cost because you will get a return on the investment. 
  • Be sure you are optimizing the website for search engines, so people in your community find you on search results. Online searches are the primary way people find your church.
  • Church leaders must view the website as a ministry to reach more people, so they must get good people to help them build the right site. 

Most churches build a website to be a brochure with the wrong content for the primary visitor of the site. Great websites position the church as a guide to help people become the hero of their story. This strategy will help bring down the walls so people come for their first visit on Sunday.

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