When you confuse people you will lose people. They will not come back because they are not able to feel comfortable within a short period.


Studies have shown that people will decide on whether they will come back to a church within the first 7 minutes. That is before they hear the music and way before they can listen to the message.

Everything they experience after their first 7 minutes will reinforce their decision of whether they chose to come back or not.

When guests come to a new church it tends to be confusing because there is not a clear focus on whether the lobby experience is for the guest or the members.

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Growing churches are intentional to create a street to seat experience that is designed for new guests. The regular attenders will enjoy the experience but the guests will love it.

It takes effort to keep from drifting into creating something that is for “us” verses the new guests. You’ll need to provide procedures, training and regular evaluations for those who are on these teams.


If you get this right consistently, you’ll see new guests that decide to return for their second visit and that will move the needle for your church.

Second time guests are much more likely to call your church home and as you continue to create a great guest experience they’ll feel welcomed each time they come back.

Join me on our coaching call as I serve you as your virtual communications director. This week we will dive deeper into creating a street to seat strategy.

Here is the link for the live video call on Thursday, 11/7 at 1 PM Eastern:



Join me on our coaching call this week as we dive deeper into creating a street to seat strategy to get first time guests to return for their second visit. I’ll share pictures from some of the most successful churches to give you insights on what this looks like.

Here is the link for the live video call on Thursday, 11/7 at 1 PM Eastern:

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