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Churches are typically behind in using new tools for reaching an audience. Don’t be like most churches.

Denis Estimon is our guest, and he shares the most effective tool your church can use right now to reach people: Instagram Reels.

The effectiveness of social media is constantly changing, but you can get ahead of the game by listening to this episode.

What if you could build trust with people who do not attend church?

Video on Instagram Reels is the best way to provide value to people so they think about your church to meet a need. 

Many people don’t realize they need the church because they don’t know the benefits of being part of a church.

By creating short videos of 30 seconds, you can help them understand the benefits you provide, such as hope, community, personal growth, and helping them find significance.

  • Reels don’t require high production setup
  • You can use templates to quickly create content
  • Reels is a video-focused tool
  • Instagram is more about video now
  • Most churches are not using Reels properly, they are only sharing sermons
  • Speak to people where they are with your Reel
  • You must give context to your content to help solve a problem
  • You can choose a topic and then educate the audience on that topic
  • Store the content to build a library
  • Share a verse and explain it, so you add value
  • Reels are best around 7 seconds to 30 seconds; can be up to 60 seconds
  • Introduce a felt need with a real
  • Provide some tips to help with a problem people have
  • Put verses and points on the screen for about 2 seconds to be more engaging


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