Having an inviting and engaging church website is paramount in today’s world. Most people today will Google churches and narrow down which ones to choose based on the church’s website. Persaud Creative, a church marketing company, helps churches with their church web design. Contact us today!


Church shopping today happens all online. In order to reel in the new members, your church website and church online platform must impress. Below, we’ll discuss the important pages you’ll need on your church website and why.

  • Home page. The home page is the first impression you’ll make with those seeking a church home. It needs a cool church logo, your mission, and a clear call-to-action, or next step, for the visitor.
  • About page. The about page is the second most visited page for church websites, besides the home page. The about page is your chance to tell everyone your beliefs, your founding story, and why you exist. It’s also a great place to spotlight your leaders. After all, the leader and his or her story is one of the major reasons people choose a church. List all of your leaders, including children’s leaders and worship leaders. Engaging photos both inside the church and hobbies of the leaders is what most people who are looking for a church home want to see.
  • Plan a visit. The plan a visit page is where your call-to-action will be. You want people to show up at a service. This is the whole point of your church web design, and the major stumbling point for many churches. Walking into a new church is awkward. Most of the time you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know where to go. This page is crucial for your church online platform.
  • Connect page. The connect page is for the church members. This should be the place you direct your church members during your service for important church information, such as church events, church small groups, and prayer requests. This is where you should also list your church ministries, which can include women’s ministry, kids ministry, student ministry, etc.
  • Messages page. The messages page is where you’ll put your past sermons for prospective members and your members who missed a week to view.
  • Give page. The giving page should be the place you can donate and give online.


  • Keep your main navigation simple. Persaud Creative recommends about five or six main points and then use submenus below for more detailed information. You want the main navigation bar to be uncluttered, so your prospective members can find out about you quickly.
  • You have only a short amount of time to reel in prospective members. People today are impatient and overwhelmed with information on the internet. Church seekers will probably only spend about 2-3 minutes on your website before bouncing (when they leave). If they have determined to visit you, this time will increase, but you still want to make the contact information and your location easy to find. Keep this in mind for church web design.
  • Make your website mobile friendly. Most people will be using their phone or a tablet to search for church homes.

A church website should be prioritized towards the guests first and then the church members. Your church web design, however, should serve both.

Persaud Creative is a church marketing company that can help you create a church web design that will bring more people through your doors and into the ministry of God. We offer different church marketing plans to serve your needs. Schedule a free consultation call online today!

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