We recommend planning your promotions each quarter so you stay on top of the details to steward the church resources well and get the best results. 

Quarter 3 starts in July. Over the years, we have served many churches and found the following list of promotions effective because it takes advantage of the time of the year and helps people to win in the season. 

  • Serve Day – July
  • Church website UX update – July
  • Design a new seasonal graphic look – July
  • Prayer focus/meetings – August
  • Small Groups – August
  • Back to Church – September
  • Member class – September

Establish a rhythm from year to year to create trust in the brand. You’ll get better at the things you repeat each year.

In addition to these specific events, sermon series are a great way to keep people engaged. 

We are producing new design kits for all of these event promotions. Just log in to Comm Academy, get the kits, and adjust the Canva templates to use your information. 

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