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The church website should be the top evangelism outreach tool for your church. The question is, are you getting it right? 

Here are three tips of the many tips that we discuss in the episodes that will help you right away:

  • Do you have a well-designed logo in a prominent location in the upper left of the site? People need to know they are at the right site, so the logo is the quickest way to let them know where they are. 
  • Have a clear message that communicates the value people can expect. Users need to know quickly what your church provides for them. 
  • Be sure there is a clear call to action that you want people to take on the site. The best call to action is a button that goes to a “visit” page that provides images and information about what it looks like to come to your church. 

What if you can share the gospel with more people so they too can experience the better story God has for them? 

At Vibrant Church, our number 1 tool for outreach is our website. We see an average of 11 new visitors every week. Most new guests tell us they came because they saw an inviting place online,

Your church can see first-time guests every week too! Many churches struggle to connect to those not already part of the church, but they have not built a proper website designed to get first-time guests.

People go to your website to judge whether they should come to a service, so make your website clear for them to know what they can expect when they come. 

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