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A brand champion participates at a high level to volunteer, give, and invite others to the church.

Telling stories is the key to cultivating champions in the church, and one of the most powerful tools to do this is a video showing God’s impact through the church.

There are 3 parts to a great story video. If you use these 3 simple questions, you will be able to tell engaging stories.

Part 1 – what was your struggle?

Have the person tell about how they felt in the time when they were struggling. Focus on the feelings instead of the details of the story because people will be able to relate to the story quickly.

Part 2 – what was your God moment?

Unpack the time when God stepped into the story. Have the person describe what they were doing and how God led them. It may involve the church, which would be great.

Part 3 – how is life different now?

Now unpack how life is different from what they described in part 1. Use words opposite to the words you used in part 1 to create a connection. Focus on their feelings so the audience will quickly connect to the story.

I have a list of words that describe struggles people may face to help them tell their stories. I also provide a list of positive “result” words. These words are relatable and simple to help the story connect. You may want to provide a couple of lists like this to help your storytellers.

You can see this list on the website I created for Vibrant Church.

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Example of a church rebrand for a church rooted in a denomination

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