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In the ever-evolving landscape of church outreach, staying ahead requires strategic planning and a forward-thinking approach. As we step into 2024, churches need innovative ways to foster growth and community engagement. One crucial tip that stands out in the arsenal of church leaders is the creation of an overarching marketing planner for the year.

  • Regularly promote the strategic next steps
  • Promote events that are designed to be attractional
  • Make use of the 4 quarters to ensure consistency all year
  • Create the promotional system for your next steps

Why a Marketing Planner?

A marketing planner serves as the roadmap for your church’s outreach efforts. It’s not just about promoting events but strategically aligning your message, values, and vision with the needs of your community. With the right plan in place, you can elevate your church’s visibility, engage with your congregation, and attract newcomers seeking a spiritual home.

Strategic Planning for Impactful Results

Creating a marketing planner involves more than jotting down dates and events. It’s about understanding your community’s needs, aligning your messaging with your church’s vision, and promoting the critical “next steps” to impact lives. This video guide walks you through the steps to develop a plan that goes beyond the basics, ensuring that every promotional effort contributes to the overarching goals of your church.

Expert Tips for Effective Implementation

Learn from seasoned experts as they share insights on effective marketing strategies tailored specifically for churches. Discover the power of storytelling, digital marketing, and community engagement to enhance your church’s presence both online and offline. With a well-crafted marketing planner, you can synchronize these elements to create a holistic approach that resonates with your congregation and attracts newcomers.

Making 2024 Your Church’s Year of Growth

By implementing a robust marketing planner, you set the stage for a transformative year. Empower your church leaders with the tools they need to plan ahead, adapt to challenges, and celebrate successes. From special events and outreach programs to digital campaigns and social media engagement, a well-structured marketing planner ensures that every effort contributes to the overarching goal of fostering a thriving and inclusive church community.

Below is a video I created years ago when I implemented this system in greater detail. 

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