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Many church leaders face resistance when it comes to making changes with your church. People in the church get attached to what has been in the past and naturally resist the new ideas even when it is necessary.

Bobby Bogard is our guest on the Church Brand Guide Podcast to speak to us about implementing change and how to navigate through it. He has been in ministry for over 40 years in a wide range of rolls ranging from church planting, ministry conferences, multi-site churches, and he has been part of mega churches. He is now the director of LINC Network of Churches and started the Bogard Group Ministries to help church leaders succeed in making necessary changes.​

You’ll gain key insights on how to navigate change from a church consultant to help you implement your new ideas. Bobby gives very sound strategy that will help you get your board, volunteers and the congregation moving forward with you to implement updates.

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Some areas that are indicators that change need to take place:

  • Stagnant in growth
  • Burning out with ministries
  • Need direction for where to go next
  • Book: Leadership Pain by Samuel Chand (see the book)

4 things needed to help the church make the change:

  • Sense of unity
  • Sense of security
  • Good systems
  • Good communication processes​

Keys for the church leader to implement change:

  • You probably need to ask for help
  • Must be teachable
  • Cast vision well so it’s clear and concise
  • Paint a picture of what the future needs to look like
  • Must have a clear target for your church

Change requires focused communication:

  • We tend to communicate in our language but we need to speak their language
  • Begin with smaller groups that are closer to the core
  • Communication must be focused on the audience that God has gifted us to reach
  • Change must start with relationships; it’s inside out
  • You must communicate that there is someone on the other side of the change who needs to be transformed

Many times we work with church leaders to create a new brand and we help guide them through how to introduce it to their congregation. The hurdle is many people in the church are attached to what they know so the leadership has to cast a compelling vision that helps them understand “we can’t stay here”.

Branding is a representation of the vision and should be updated to reflect a change in focus. This should include your logo and branding elements such as your fonts, colors and graphic style. It also includes the website which will serve as the first point of contact for most people.

Bobby Bogard is a consultant who works with church leaders to help them see areas where change needs to take place and Bobby helps walk them through the process. Part of that process is to update the branding to reflect the new direction so people can see the change in direction opening them up to come with you as a compelling vision is represented.




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