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As creatives, we are asked to be an expert in an area of communications, but it can be a struggle to get your ideas implemented. In this episode, we help creatives with tips so they can add value to the church in their area of expertise. Michael and Denis have years of church communications experience and share their best insights. 

  • The heart behind your ideas should come from a place of serving the vision to serve the desired outcome. 
  • When creatives are frustrated, they get burned out. 
  • Creatives need to have their ideas applied in order to feel like they are contributing.
  • Creatives must build trust with the leadership by showing their passion for the church’s vision. 
  • Being a servant leader allows trust to be built; it takes consistency. 
  • Creatives must show up with a servant’s heart to serve in their area and add value in other areas.
  • It’s not just about your ideas but about moving the ministry forward.
  • Add value by being the expert to do what needs to be done.
  • Use the words that leadership uses to present your ideas. 
  • Take 3 months (a quarter) to do what is asked before you bring your big ideas. 
  • Do the work to become the communications expert and bring expertise to the conversation. 
  • Present your thoughts at the right time so it is well received.
  • Think about what is coming up so you can win as a communications team.
  • Think through all communications for the next year; break it down into quarters to execute.
  • You can steward God’s resources and creativity well when you plan well in advance.
  • You can connect with Denis: denis@hallelujahsocial.com

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