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How to Create a Consistent Church Brand Across All Platforms: Trinity Temple’s Transformation Story

What is Trinity Temple?

Trinity Temple is a church in Grandview, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. They have been around for many decades, serving the community as part of the Church of God in Christ denomination. 

Where was Trinity before working with Church Brand Guide?

Pastor Benjamin Stephens took over the church after the previous pastor passed away after serving at Trinity for many decades. Pastor Stephens was a young pastor with a fresh vision to reach families in the area. Trinity Temple was a church that had not grown for many years. The church’s weekly attendance dropped from over 500 to around 220 on average when Pastor Stephens came into leadership. 

How did they find Church Brand Guide, and what made them decide to work with them?

Pastor Stephens heard about Michael Persaud from some other churches in the area that went through a rebrand with Church Brand Guide. He saw these churches’ growth and momentum and wanted to have Trinity Temple presented like this. Pastor Stephens is passionate about reaching people with the Gospel and wants as many as possible to experience the transformation God has for them. He felt he had to get a guide to help the Trinity Temple get found online as people searched for a place of worship.

What did the Trinity Temple leadership immediately recognize that needed fixing inside the organization?

There was no strategy to get new families to come to the church. The congregation was getting older, with the same families attending for decades. Pastor Stephens needed to win the existing members over to the vision to reach new families and then make changes to move them in a fresh direction.

What were some of the biggest wins that took place in the church after we identified the problem?

The church got clarity around the mission to reach young families who were not part of Trinity Temple. Michael consulted with Pastor Stephens and his leadership team to create a guest-first experience online and in person. The church got a fresh logo, a new website, a social media strategy, and new facility signs that were welcoming to first-time guests.   

What were some results the church saw from working with us?

A cohesiveness took place online and in person, so people were choosing to take their next steps with the church. More guests started coming to the church due to the marketing efforts. The weekly attendance doubled. Revenue increased as more donations took place. Young families began coming to the church, and the growth energized those who had been there for a long time. More people volunteered on the serve teams, and life groups were started to build community. 

Why should someone use Church Brand Guide to help them rebrand their church?

Michael – he’s not just a designer; he’s your go-to guy for understanding your church from a communications perspective, helping people see its true value. Michael has a knack for branding and knows the church scene inside out, taking the guesswork out of your marketing journey. His approach is one-of-a-kind, crafting experiences that truly boost your church’s growth.

With Michael by your side, your church gets a friendly guide to navigate the online marketing maze, ensuring success. The Church Brand Guide team then takes care of designing your logo, website, and other visual materials. Now, you can focus on leading your church and welcoming new families who are drawn in by the warmth of your brand and marketing efforts.

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Trinity Temple Website

The Trinity Temple Church website serves as a highly effective marketing tool, strategically designed by Church Brand Guide to resonate with and attract new first-time visitors.

With a focus on creating a guest-first experience, the website serves as an inviting virtual gateway, reflecting the warmth of the church community. The site offers clear and concise information about Trinity Temple’s mission, values, and events, ensuring prospective visitors can easily navigate and find relevant details.

The visually appealing design, complemented by the fresh logo and cohesive branding, enhances the online presence, making a positive first impression. Integrating a social media strategy on the website further extends the church’s reach, engaging with a broader audience.

In essence, the Trinity Temple Church website plays a pivotal role in the church’s overall marketing efforts, effectively conveying its message to potential attendees and contributing significantly to the remarkable growth and revitalization witnessed recently.

Here is what we did with Trinity Temple Church of God In Christ with our rebranding package:

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo
  • Brand book
  • Website
  • Signs for the facility
  • Collateral materials
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Kids ministry brand
  • Youth ministry brand
  • Trip to location 
  • Photography
  • Create two marketing videos
  • Create promotions for 12 months

Branded Promotions

Church Brand Guide serves Trinity Temple as a strategic partner in the pursuit of church growth by offering comprehensive consultation on marketing strategies.

Michael Persaud, the visionary behind Church Brand Guide, collaborates closely with Pastor Benjamin Stephens and the leadership team of Trinity Temple to identify key areas for outreach and improvement.

Through in-depth discussions, Church Brand Guide gains a deep understanding of the church’s mission and target audience, laying the foundation for tailored marketing solutions.

The collaboration extends to the creation of compelling graphic designs for church events and programs. Additionally, Church Brand Guide oversees crucial website updates, ensuring the online platform aligns seamlessly with the church’s objectives and serves as an effective tool in attracting new members.

This integrated approach provides a cohesive and impactful strategy, contributing significantly to the church’s growth, both online and offline.

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