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I think you would agree with me that the local church is the most impactful thing a person can be part of. It can transform someone’s life so they live a better story.

  • When a person feels hopeless, the church fills them with hope. 
  • When they feel alone, it gives them a place to belong
  • When we lack a sense of direction, through the church, people discover purpose. 
  • When people feel like they don’t matter, the church allows people to make a difference.

Most people do not understand why they need your church. In today’s culture, coming to church is not normal, and people don’t think they need a church. 

What if your church could simplify your message to communicate your value in 4 essential areas of need that people have – Hope, community, purpose, and significance.

Having a branding mindset helped Trinity Temple close the gap between who they are and those they pursue. Trinity Temple is part of the Church of God in Christ denomination which has existed since 1907. 

Photography Of The Church

Example of Trinity Temple’s Rebrand

Trinity Temple needed to create a fresh brand for a new leader that stepped in after the previous pastor passed away. Bishop Ben Stephens was younger and wanted to move the church in a direction that would reach young families.

He reached out to Church Brand Guide after seeing the work we did with another similar church in town. The first thing I did was to take the leadership team through a strategy session to get on the same page by going through my signature framework.

We built a brand strategy around solving the four big struggles the church was well equipped to solve. Trinity Temple provides hope, community, growth, and helps people find significance.

After creating a new design for their logo, color scheme, creating a new website, and updating all the collateral materials, I stayed with Trinity Temple to help them market the church. 2 years later, the church has grown significantly with new members. 

Building a brand is a powerful tool a church can use to guide how they communicate its value to the community so it is clear and concise. Clarity is what cuts through the noise to reach people.

About Your Guide

My experience is in communication design, and my passion is for the local church. I know the difference God made in my life, and now I serve His church to help them reach more people that are just like I was. I learned how to do this by working to create brands in the marketplace. 

I grew up in a home where my father left when I was 5. My mother raised her three children on a minimum wage income. It was tough, but our church stepped in to support us. The people of my church showed God’s love profoundly to my family and me.

Now I am part of a church plan in South Florida where 97% of people don’t go to church. I moved my family from Kansas City to help as many people as possible live a better story as they come to know Jesus. We have seen the church grow because people are able to understand what the church has to offer them.


Benefits of A Good Brand

Trinity Temple has been growing as people are able to understand the church quickly. They are taking their next steps to connect in small groups, join the church, and serve on a team.

When church leadership focuses on building a brand, it will provide clarity that attracts people looking for what you offer. People will come and want to be part of the vision by contributing their time and donations. 

An effective brand is formed by having a clear strategy to reach a target audience, having the right message, and creating visuals to connect with them. 

Once a clear strategy is in place, visuals such as a logo and website are designed to build the correct perception of the church.

The result of a church having good branding is it will build trust with them.

Trinity Temple Logo

Here is what we did with Trinity Temple Church of God In Christ with our Tier 3 Package:

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo
  • Brand book
  • Website
  • Signs for the facility
  • Collateral materials
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Kids ministry brand
  • Youth ministry brand
  • Trip to location 
  • Shoot photography
  • Create 2 marketing videos
  • Create promotions for 12 months

The new banding is implemented on the website, on social media, in the facilities, and on the property.

My Process

The leadership of Trinity Temple went through my signature branding framework. This is where they tell me about the vision, and I get to put handles on it so people can take their next steps.

People judge a book by its cover and decide if they will come to your church based on what they see. You have to get your brand right, so you can bridge the gap between who you are and those you pursue.

Here’s the problem, you are a minister, not a brand specialist. You need a guide to help you get this right because it matters too much to have it wrong.

Logo Design

A great logo is an essential part of a brand because it is the thing that is seen the most. The design needs to be simple so it is sticky. I’ll help you get the right logo.


The church website is the front door that people will visit first, so it needs to have a focused design for the user checking out the church for the first time. The platform has to work well so you get found online as the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. I’ll create a website that get you found.


The signs on your property are essential to building trust with your first-time guests. They decide whether to return to your church within the first 5 minutes. Their decision is made before they have a chance to hear a sermon or talk with the pastor. I will design your environments so people decide to come back.

Work With Me

I offer packages to help churches as a consultant and provide the proper branding to reach their community. You’ll have the proper strategy, marketing message, and visual elements to allow your church to attract new guests. 

On average, my clients see a 27% increase in growth. I would love to help you go further faster when it comes to growing your church so you can significantly impact your community. 

The starting point is to book a call so I can answer your questions and get you signed up.

Branded Promotions

Trinity Temple Website

Book A Call

Get on a call with Michael to learn about the branding process and to ask questions. We specialize in building church websites, logos, and developing your brand strategy to get people to join the church.

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