A brand is important to a church because it helps you to be intentional about the needs of the people in your city. It causes you to communicate your importance to their lives.

This starts by defining your target audience. Simply put, this is the person who shows up and thinks the church was built just for them. They absolutely love it!

Most churches struggle because the experience it provides does not have a focus. People may like what they see but no one really loves it.

Effective brands build raving fans.

You must listen to your community so you can communicate in a way they can understand their need for your church.

The branding process causes you to present your church in a relevant way. A good brand is not about you, it’s about the people you serve.

Target Audience

Defining a target audience is a marketing concept where you describe a person who is the ideal customer for a product. It helps to shape branding decisions such as colors and fonts so the designs hit the mark.

A church can use a target audience to provide clarity in the experience it provides online and in person. It creates alignment which builds trust so people decide to be part of your church.

The challenge is to define what they fear about coming to church. Then communicate well to remove their fear so they will see that your church is important to them.

  1. Start by listing out all the various types of people are in your community.
  2. Narrow this list down to the most relevant audience to your vision.
  3. Describe them in great detail to create an avatar.
  4. Use this avatar to guide your decision making when it come to your messaging & design.

​The result will be a consistent experience which builds trust and trust is attractive.

Why you have to define your target.

You are in ministry because you want to see lives transformed by the amazing power of God. You have experienced this yourself and have chosen to give your life so others can have the same experience.

Spiritually, anyone that breaths is a great target audience for any good church. But in a marketing sense, choosing a target audience will help you cut through the noise to reach more people with your message.

You have to get your communication right so lives can transform as you reach them with The Message.


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