In today’s world, it is a challenge for churches to attract and then to keep members. From the abundance of competition to a feeling of disconnect, people today shop around for churches a lot and then move on quickly if they don’t feel “at home” with the church.

Persaud Creative is a church marketing company dedicated to helping churches attract and keep new members, as well as keep the committed members engaged, excited, and growing in their walk with Jesus. We do this through helping churches discover their brand, design their brand, and then deploy their brand. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips for how your church growth strategy should market their events in order to attract and keep new members. Visit us online today!


Church events are designed around opening their doors to the community and inviting them into a relationship with the church and with Jesus. Persaud Creative correlates this church growth strategy to a highway with multiple on-ramps as people on-board. One of these on-ramps is church events. Below, we’ll outline the steps on how to market your church events.

  • Start planning early. Persaud Creative recommends planning your church events about 10 weeks out. This allows for plenty of time to decide the event, communicate the event with staff, promote the event, and get everything ready for the event.
  • Decide the audience. Who is your target audience? Yes, you want to be all-inclusive, but if you’re hosting a women’s conference on marriage, odds are the majority of the participants will be women over the age of 25. You want your church event to be open to all and inviting to those seeking a church home.
  • Decide on your call-to-action. A call-to-action is the next step. Hence, once someone hears about your church event, how do they find out more information and sign up? If it’s on your website, that form may have to be created by your design or IT team.
  • Promote the event through outreach marketing. What types of media will you be utilizing to promote the event? Digital? Print? Flyers? Church brochures? This church marketing plan is implemented by four weeks. The average attendance by church goers is twice a month so four weeks will give you two chances to let your church members know about the event.
  • Plan for the day of the event. You want to put your best foot forward on these church events, especially if you are hosting the event at the church. Have hospitality in place. Decide on a photographer or videographer for future promotional materials. At the event, what’s the call-to-action? Will you have someone posting on social media during the event?
  • Evaluate how the event went, and try to track how successful it was, either through attendance or book sales, etc.
  • Celebrate. You’ll want to acknowledge all who helped put your event on, including the volunteers and workers because they did make a difference. This can be either an announcement during church service or a thank-you lunch as well.
  • Tier system. A tier system is listing all of your events for the year, and then deciding which events for the year will receive priority. This is useful since, as a non-profit, budgeting is important. As part of your church marketing plan, you’ll be able to put a price point to all your events, and then create a budget, putting more money to those events that you feel is more important.

Persaud Creative is dedicated to helping churches transform lives in today’s modern world. We do this through helping churches find their brand. As a church marketing company, we help churches discover who they are, who they are good at reaching, and how to create a plan for those people to get to know God. Visit our website today for a wealth of information on Christian marketing. Contact us today!

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