Design Guide for Creating a Great Church Logo

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Logo Questions

23 questions to ask when building your brand strategy.

These are 18 questions that will help you define your church’s brand. It will make you think deeply about who you are and is a great resource to go through with your team. Download the Logo Questions resource and watch this video as a guide to help you complete it. 

Brand Guide

A brand guide document sample to help create consistency.


The logo is the most seen item of your church’s brand so it needs to be done right to represent you well. 

A great church logo design is unique to the vision of the church. It should feel right to the church leadership but the most important thing is the people in the community need to relate to the design.

On the technical side, great church logo designs have these 4 things:

  1. the logo design is as simple as possible
  2. it is designed as a vector, not a pixel-based graphic
  3. the design can be read at all sizes
  4. it works on all types of media

The design needs to be a simple vector that is unique to your church.

As part of an overarching brand, the logo design needs to be accompanied by a brand guide document showing how it should be used properly to build trust in the brand. 

A brand guide must define the accompanying colors, fonts, and any variations of the logo design. 

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