Social Media Strategy For Churches

Kent and Megan Berame join us on this call to discuss marketing tactics specifically for churches using Facebook and Instagram. They are the owners of Asby & Gabriel, a marketing company, and they share key insights of own to effectively use these social media platforms.

Resources & Downloads

Weekly Posting Schedule

Sample weekly posting schedule customizable Word Document.

Digital Marketing For Churches

PDF of a digital marketing strategy for churches.


Building Brand Awareness

It can be confusing to know what to do to build brand awareness as a church so we have put together a simple playbook to help you apply it for your church. My guest is Jon-Michael Sherman who is the owner of a marketing agency that specializes in helping churches reach more people. This is a great system to try as a starting point and it has been working for many churches. You’ll get some insights no how much to spend and practical tips on how to create media to use on ads. 

Sample of church Video

Highlight Video Formula

PDF of what to include in your social media highlight video & in what order to get the most views.

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