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Here are a few tips for creating a sub-brand:

  • Tip 1: Only have sub-brands for major events, not every event
  • Tip 2: Sub brands for major ministries, not every ministry
  • Tip 3: Non-majors: change the title font, but keep the rest consistent 
  • Tip 4: Have 3 or 4 church fonts; 2 major fonts for headlines and body
  • Tip 5: Have 5 church brand colors; 2 major colors

Big ideas behind the brand design for the Man Up Conference:

  • Man UP is an annual event for Cornerstone Church.
  • We created a landing page on the website to point the online ads to for the event.
  • The design is masculine and inspirational. 
  • The church used screens throughout the building to inform guests throughout the event.
  • Social media posts were used for weeks leading up to the event to drive people to sign up.
  • An email campaign was put together to reach the internal church members.
  • See the landing page here: https://cornerstonehighland.com/manup22/
  • I use Divi Builder by Elegant Themes to build the website and landing page: https://www.elegantthemes.com/
  • The image for the design was from https://unsplash.com/

Man Up Men’s Conference
Branded Graphics

Vertical Screen Graphics

Social Media Posts

Man Up Website Landing Page

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