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We continue to provide tips to help creatives to lead the church leadership in their area of expertise. In this episode, we unpack the power of proper communication tactics and the excellence that building templates allow.

  • Creatives must be aware of the timing of when to get promotions done.
  • As church communicators, we must bring tactics to communicate the church to outsiders best.
  • Evaluate what the Sunday experience looks like for people coming into the service. 
  • Help your creatives to win in their jobs by providing clear guidelines. 
  • As a creative leader, learn new tactics to bring to the leadership to accomplish their goals.
  • Your value as a creative leader is in being tactical, not in doing tasks.
  • Good book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • Listen to your leader’s vision and then provide your ideas as a solution to their vision.
  • When you help your leadership win, you will build trust to be able to share your ideas with the church leadership.
  • SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • A template is a system that is repeatable.
  • Be a good steward of your resources by building templates that will get you further faster on the next project.
  • Have the mindset that everything you do is to set up for someone else.
  • Templates allow you to be excellent quickly and to raise the bar of creativity.
  • Templates allow everyone on the team and leadership to know what to expect.
  • Templates give you more time and more room to be creative and to produce excellence.
  • You can say “no” and have it be accepted by the leadership when you are organized.

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